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New model of AKTAKOM DC power supply

New model of AKTAKOM DC power supply


Our Catalog has been updated. Now there is one more model available in DC power supplies family.

Herewith we are introducing AKTAKOM ATH-2335 power supply that you will find perfect for repairing or adjusting electronic equipment as well as for the use in research laboratories.

AKTAKOM ATH-2335 laboratory DC power supply outputs smoothly regulated stabilized voltage and current and represents a good combination of precise setting capabilities of the output parameters and affordable price.

The main features of ATH-2335:

  • 4 3-digit LCDs
  • Short circuit protection
  • Current and voltage stabilization mode
  • Channels: 2
  • Output voltage: 0...30 V x 2
  • Output current: 0...5 A x 2
  • Setting error of the output voltage: 1% + 2 dgt
  • Setting error of the output current: 2% + 2 dgt
  • Voltage ripple and noise (rms), typical: 1 mV
  • Current ripple and noise (rms), typical: 2 mA

More details can be checked on page of AKTAKOM ATH-2335.

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