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AKTAKOM ATP-7011 Smoke Fan for the Safety of Technician

AKTAKOM ATP-7011 Smoke Fan for the Safety of Technician


During soldering, toxic substances, acid vapor, flux, and solder particles are released into the air. Smoke detectors are used to protect the radio installer from harmful smoke. The AKTAKOM ATP-7011 Smoke Trap effectively cleans the air, increases productivity, and prevents the development of diseases associated with the inhalation of toxic substances. The carbon filter helps to absorb harmful substances that are formed during soldering. The smoke trap occupies a small place in the workplace. The smoke trap itself is made of high-quality materials while working produces low noise.


  • The high-efficiency fan for absorption of an allocated smoke at a ration.
  • Easily replaced absorbing filter on a basis of foamed polyurethane, impregnated with the activated coal with high absorbing ability Carbon content: 78% 316g/m².
  • Absorptive capacity 65%.
  • Easily changeable slope angle of the fan.
  • Does not pollute the environment.
  • Ergonomic construction that does not interfere with the installer.
  • Low noise level at work.

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