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Compact soldering station perfect for teaching and production
19.06.2024 | 924
AKTAKOM ASE-1111 soldering station is used for electronic component mounting on PCB surface. This compact model is perfect for the use in such fields like electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and soldering on the electronic appliances and communication equipment.

Lead-free soldering station Aktakom ASE-1203
12.06.2024 | 1206
Easy to use and reliable soldering station Aktakom ASE-1203 has a two-channel with two induction soldering irons. Soldering station power 90 W*2, operating temperature range 176...869°F. Quick temperature recovery. Temperature lock mode with password, energy saving function.

How can SMD components be removed with AKTAKOM ASE-1209 Soldering Tweezers?
05.06.2024 | 796
AKTAKOM ASE-1209 ESD Soldering Tweezers are perfectly suitable for mounting on several types of soldering stations. These tweezers have the following parameters: power voltage is 24V and the consumed power is 100W, temperature range is 200…480 °C.

New version of Aktakom Power Manager Express software!
29.05.2024 | 1049
Herewith we’d like to introduce an updated version of Aktakom Power Manager Express software (V designed to control AKTAKOM APS-7306 power supplies via PC. It features Measure, Set Up, and Initialization functions, as well as, automatic switching off of the outputs of the device at the end of the program.

AKTAKOM APS-7306 power supply
22.05.2024 | 816
Our Online store has a wide range of power supplies. AKTAKOM APS-7306 is a DC programmable power supply which is designed to power radio technical equipment with stabilized voltage and current in repair process, laboratory research.

New video: Power Supply with Voice Guide Software, Troubleshooting LED Stip
16.05.2024 | 1541
There is a new video available on T&M Atlantic's YouTube channel - Power Supply with Voice Guide Software, Troubleshooting LED Stip. This video showcases practical application of Aktakom Power Manager Software.

Soldering station perfect for education – AKTAKOM ASE-1112
08.05.2024 | 1062
The most important requirement for the operation with small and valuable electronic components is reliable protection from electro static discharge. AKTAKOM ASE-1112 Temperature Controlled Soldering Station perfectly meets this requirement.

AKTAKOM ASE-2105 station for lead free desoldering
01.05.2024 | 790
AKTAKOM ASE-2105 is designed for lead free desoldering. And due to quick heating and strong power features this model can be considered the best for clear soldering / desoldering of all DIP components types.

Check the new DIY LED Repair video ready for you!
24.04.2024 | 839
T&M Atlantic's YouTube channel keeps a series of videos dedicated to LED projects and everything connected with their repair. Earlier we informed of 4 parts ready for watching. Now you have a chance to see the 5th part of this series…

AKTAKOM AMM-1203 multimeter – wide functionality at an affordable price!
17.04.2024 | 4250
New AKTAKOM AMM-1203 digital multimeter is a combination of wide functionality at an affordable price. In addition to the standard measuring functions for portable multimeters AMM-1203 digital multimeter has functions to measure duty cycle and temperature (using K-type thermocouple).