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2 channel AKTAKOM AM-1109 multimeter to measure 2 values simultaneously

2 channel AKTAKOM AM-1109 multimeter to measure 2 values simultaneously


Earlier to measure every single value you had to use 2 different measuring devices or do it one after another. What makes AKTAKOM AM-1109 multimeter special is the availability of 2 channels allowing user to take measurements of 2 values simultaneously.

This capability is very useful especially for cell phones repair (for example you may control the charge-discharge difference of its accumulator). True RMS measurement capability allows AM-1109 multimeter to correctly measure distorted and nonsine signals. High performance graphic scale (30 segments) availability in AM-1109 digital multimeter allows controlling the changing dynamics of the values under measurement.

The device is equipped with a large double 60000 digit display (45/6 digits).

Among other features of AM-1109:

  • Max. and min. values record
  • Values hold (HOLD)
  • RS-232 port with galvanic isolation
  • Sound continuity test
  • pn junction test
  • Manual/automatic selection of measurement limits

AKTAKOM AM-1109 helps to take the following measurements:

Value under measurement Range Resolution Inaccuracy
DC voltage 1 V...1000 V 1 V 0,06%
AC voltage (20 Hz...200 kHz) 1 V...1000 V 1 V 0,1%
Direct current 10 nA...10 A 10 nA 0,1%
Alternating current (45 Hz...20 kHz) 10 nA...10 A 10 nA 0,3%
Resistance 0,01 Ω...40 MΩ 0,01 Ω 0,09%
Capacity 10 pF...1000 F 10 pF 0,8%
pn junction test 0...3 V 0,1 mV 2%
Frequency (TTL level) 1 Hz...2 MHz 0,0001 Hz 0,005%
Frequency (sine signal) 1 Hz...200 kHz 0,0001 Hz 0,02%
Duty factor 0,001%...100% 0,001%

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