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Electromagnetic field monitoring with AKTAKOM ATT-2592 tester

Electromagnetic field monitoring with AKTAKOM ATT-2592 tester


AKTAKOM ATT-2592 portable electromagnetic field tester is designed for safe measurement of electromagnetic field characteristics by isotropic method. The device is equipped with a 3-channel sensor that allows taking measurements simultaneously on three axes: X, Y, Z. The device can be used to measure the emissions generated by wireless communication devices (CW, CDMA, DECT, GSM), radio stations, wireless Wi-Fi devices, microwave furnaces, televisions and monitors, hidden sources of signal and other sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Using AKTAKOM ATT-2592 tester you may measure the following parameters:

  • electric field strength of 20 mV/m...108 V/m with 0.1 mV/m resolution;
  • magnetic field strength of 53 μA/m...286.4 mA/m with 0.1 μA/m resolution;
  • power flow density of 0 μW/mІ...30.93 W/mІ with 0.001 μW/mІ resolution.

ATT-2592 Electromagnetic Field Tester is capable of signaling if the measurement results exceed the limits that can be pre-set by user.

The measurement results of ATT-2592 can be saved into its memory (up to 99 values) and additionally the tester can fix and display the maximum, average and maximum average values.

Low price and excellent characteristics make AKTAKOM ATT-2592 tester be an irreplaceable assistant when monitoring the electromagnetic environment in your workplace or apartment.

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