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Internet settings for Aktakom AAE-2712 Dual-Channel Smart Controller

Internet settings for Aktakom AAE-2712 Dual-Channel Smart Controller


Rather often our customers ask us “How can I set the connection through the Internet to AAE-2712 which is connected to the router local network with private static IP address?”

For the Internet connection Aktakom AAE-2712 requires to set the port forwarding on your router from the router external address to the device internal address in the local network. That means to open the port for the access from the Internet (e.g. where is your private static IP address, 8080 is the port number) and assign/forward IP address and the port in the local network to it (e.g., where is your local network IP address assigned/forwarded to AAE-2712 and 1024 is the port number).

To connect to the device through the local network it’s necessary to specify the local IP address and the port of the device in the software settings (e.g. And to connect to the device through the Internet you will have to specify your private static IP address and the port (e.g.

AKTAKOM AAE-2712 multifunctional dual-channel module is designed for the operation in laboratory, office, home automation systems for building of control systems. The module contains two analog-to-digital input-output and two relay outputs (normally open "dry contact").

AAE-2712 module is available in different combinations of analog-to-digital inputs configuration. One digital channel (4-wire, I²C type) is designed to connect various external boards or sensors with digital output. Synchronization input is used to start or stop the data conversion process in the module or to put the time mark when taking measurement.

AKTAKOM AAE-2712 module control and the data transfer from it is made via USB and LAN.

More details are available on page of AKTAKOM AAE-2712.

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