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Aktakom ACM-2036 AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter. How to use it?

Aktakom ACM-2036 AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter. How to use it?


AKTAKOM ACM-2036 TrueRMS clamp meter is a universal and compact device that combines a clamp meter-multimeter, non-contact voltage detector and a flashlight.

AKTAKOM ACM-2036 clamp meter is designed to take the following measurement types:

  • DC of up to 200A, accurate to 2.0%;
  • AC of up to 200A (TrueRMS, 50/60 Hz), accurate to 2.5%;
  • DC voltage of up to 600V, accurate to 1.0%;
  • AC voltage of up to 600V (TrueRMS, 50/60 Hz), accurate to 1.5%;
  • resistance of up to 1000Ω, accurate to 1.5%.

Also this clamp meter model is capable of diode and continuity testing.

At the same time when measuring alternating current and voltage ACM-2036 can take TrueRMS measurements at 50/60 Hz as well as at 400 Hz frequency.

The measurement readings are shown on the high precision LCD (up to 9999 counts) with a bright backlight.

Other features include the following functions:

  • Data hold
  • MAX/MIN function
  • Peak Hold
  • DCA Zero function
  • Auto Power Off

It’s important to say about the embedded non-contact voltage detector and the bright flashlight used to light the area where the measurements are taken.

AKTAKOM ACM-2036 clamp meter page contains additional pictures of its use. “Application” tab contains the detailed information about the controls of this clamp meter and the step-by-step user instruction.

Find more details on the page of AKTAKOM ACM-2036.

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