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New clamp meters from AKTAKOM!

New clamp meters from AKTAKOM!


Our catalogue includes now a new clamp meter model – AKTAKOM ATK-2200. This all-purpose and reliable digital power clamp allows user to measure current and voltage strength as well as the value of active, reactive and full power in three-phase circuit of three- or four wires, balanced termination three-phase circuit, one-phase circuit of two- or three wires. These features make this power clamp perfect for electrical technician or power engineering specialist.

The main features of AKTAKOM ATK-2200 are as follows:

  • 3ɸ4W, 3ɸ3W, 3ɸ Balanced, 1ɸ2W, and 1ɸ3W Power Measurement.
  • AC+DC true power, and True RMS AC Voltage and Current
  • AC+DC 2000A, AC 600V, DC 800V
  • AC+DC 1200KW(1ɸ), AC+DC 2000KW (3ɸ)
  • Dual Display V+Hz, A+Hz, W+PF, KVA+KVAR, V+A
  • Phase Angle Measurement
  • 3ɸ RST(L1L2L3) Sequence Indication.
  • Memory of 4 records.
  • DCA/DCW Auto Zero when power clamp powering on.
  • AC/DC Auto Detection.
  • Auto range.

Also check Application tab on ATK-2200 page to see the way this model should be used.

Fine more details here.

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