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APS-7151 Programmable DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply: 150V, 1A, 1 channel. Line. Programmable. Precision. VFD display. Setting accuracy: 0.01%. Resolution: 1mV/0.01mA. Ripple and noise: 10mVp-p/0.5mArms. Built-in Voltmeter and Milliohmmeter. Programming via SCPI-commands. Interface: RS-232, RS-232 to USB adaptor included. Dimensions: 214x108x365mm / 8.43x4.25x14.37in. Weight: 6.5kg / 14.33lb

User's Manual (5.34 Mb)

The combination of bench-top and system features in power supplies provides versatile solutions for your design and test requirements. The AKTAKOM APS-7151 can not only be programmed through the keyboard on the panel, but also be functioned as voltmeter and milliohmmeter, which will bring great convenience to the users. As a regeneration product of ordinary programmable power supplies, APS-7151 power supply is more cost-effective.


  • Low ripple and noise
  • High resolution and accuracy (0.1mV/0.01mA)
  • Built-in a high-accuracy 5 1/2 voltmeter and milliohmmeter
  • Supporting high-accuracy and dynamic programming output 
  • High-luminance VFD screen and two lines & four ways display
  • Smart fan will be automatically initiated according to the temperature
  • Supporting remote voltage compensation and multidata storage
  • Supporting external trigger input and output
  • Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mountable
  • Supporting RS-232 / RS-485 / USB interface


  • Output Rating:
    Voltage: 0-150V
    Current: 0-1A
  • Load Regulation:
    Voltage: <0.01%+0.5mV
    Current: <0.01%+0.1mA
  • Setting Value Resolution:
    Voltage: 2mV
    Current: 0.01mA
  • Readback Value Resolution:
    Voltage: 1mV
    Current: 0.01mA
  • Setting Value Accuracy:
    Voltage: 0.01%+10mV
    Current: 0.05%+0.1mA
  • Readback Value Accuracy:
    Voltage: 0.02%+35mV
    Current: 0.05%+1mA
  • Ripple:
    Voltage: 0.02%+35mV
    Current: 0.05%+1mA
  • Voltmeter Accuracy: 0-12V Accuracy: 0.02%+2mV
    0-58V Accuracy: 0.02%+5mV
  • Milliohmmeter Accuracy: 10W 0-1000mΩ Accuracy: 0.2%+3mΩ
    1000-10000mΩ Accuracy: 0.2%+6mΩ
  • Working Condition: 0-40C; 0-90%RH
  • Power Required: AC 120V/220V10%; 50/60HZ
  • Weight: 6.5kg / 14.33lb
  • Dimension: 214x108x365mm / 8.43x4.25x14.37in.


  • Power Cord

  • Cables
  • Adapter RS-232/USB
  • CD-ROM (including User Manual and Application Software)

  • User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to activate remote measurement function of APS-7151 power supply?
  • How to work in Milliohmmeter mode of APS-7151 power supply?
  • How to work in Voltmeter mode of APS-7151 power supply?
  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?

  • How to activate remote measurement function of APS-7151 power supply?

    When the load consumes high current, the power supply will produce voltage drop in the connecting wire between power supply and load terminals. In order to guarantee the measurement accuracy, remote measurement terminals is installed at the rear-panel of the power supply. Users can measure the output terminals voltage of the instrument under test by these terminals.

    Before performing the remote measurement function, you need to set the power supply as the remote measurement mode.

    Please refer to the below diagram for the trigger terminals and measurement terminals.

    -S and +S are remote measurement terminals; TRQ and TRI are trigger terminals, GND is ground terminal.

    The TRQ is trigger output port under auto test mode. The TRQ is default as low voltage level. The TRQ provides +5V for external use when the trigger event happens.

    As a multifunction extended port, TRI port is designed for trigger test in the list mode and auto test mode, TRI is also used to switch the ON/OFF state and used as TRI KeepOut port. The TRI is default as high voltage level of +5V. The TRI completes trigger when it change to low voltage level.


    How to work in Milliohmmeter mode of APS-7151 power supply?

    The power supply provides the four-line electrical resistance measurement, just as showed in the diagram below, which can measure accurately the low resistance and the maximum measurement resistance is 10Ω. In order to avoid the damage of the resistance under test, please make sure the resistance under test is within the measurement range.

    Three measurement ranges can be optional: 0.1Ω, 1Ω, 10Ω.

    Operation Method:

    1) Press the keys Shift and V/mΩ (VFD display screen shows----,----mΩ, Range:0.1Ω) to measure the resistance.

    2) Press the keys Shift and 0.1Ω or 1Ω or 10Ω to set different measurement range of Milliohmmeter.


    How to work in Voltmeter mode of APS-7151 power supply?

    The voltage of the instrument under test can be measured if the wires are connected together just like it’s shown in the picture below. The power supply can be worked as a voltmeter as long as it is not measuring the resistance. The accuracy of the voltmeter is 5 ½.


    May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?

    AKTAKOM power supplies cant be used for accumulator charging since it may cause the accumulator breakage (recharge, electrolyte boiling, extra pressure of the internal gas which will lead to the accumulator explosion). Accumulators should be charged with the current source which controls the accumulator voltage and regulates the charging current accordingly. When the required accumulator voltage is achieved such type of source simply stops the charging process, its name is a charging device.


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