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AKTAKOM ATT-6001. Contact tachometer for precise measurement

AKTAKOM ATT-6001. Contact tachometer for precise measurement


AKTAKOM ATT-6001 is a portable tachometer which is designed for contact measurement of rotation velocity and linear velocity of details movement. It provides high precision measurement results. The last and max/min values can be memory recorded automatically.

Main features of the model:

  • Wide measuring range from 5 to 100,000 RPM
  • 0.1 RPM resolution for the measured value <1000 RPM
  • The last value, max value, min value will be stored into the memory automatically and can be obtained by pressing Memory call button.
  • LCD gives RPM reading clearly and saves battery energy
  • This tachometer used the exclusive one chip Micro-Computer LSI circuit and crystal time base, offer the high accurate measurement and fast sampling time

More details about the technical specification AKTAKOM ATT-6001 can be checked on page of the model here.

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