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AKTAKOM AMM-3320 RLC Meter. Compact device for quick and precise measurements

AKTAKOM AMM-3320 RLC Meter. Compact device for quick and precise measurements


High-performance AKTAKOM AMM-3320 RLC meter is a compact and convenient device that allows user to take quick and precise (basic error is 0.3%) measurements of such primary and secondary parameters like inductance, capacity, resistance, phase angle, Q-factor and dissipation factor.

User can select the test frequency from the following range: 100 Hz / 120 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz / 100 kHz.

When operating AKTAKOM AMM-3320 RLC meter it’s possible to use parallel and sequential equivalent circuit in the measurement process.

Data is displayed on a two-line RLC with a bright backlight. The upper display indicator is 4½-digit (19999 counts). At user’s choice there can be displayed such primary measured parameters like:

Ls / Cs – inductance and capacity (sequential equivalent circuit)
Lp / Cp – inductance and capacity (parallel equivalent circuit)
DCR – DC resistance.

The lower display indicator is 3½-digit (1999 counts). It displays so-called secondary parameters:

Θ – phase angle
D – dissipation factor
Q – quality factor
ESR – equivalent series resistance
Rp – resistance (parallel equivalent circuit)

AKTAKOM AMM-3320 RLC meter has a built-in comparator to sort components. Therefore user may set one of 8 available modes: ±0.25% / ±0.5% /±1% /±2% /±5% /±10% /±20% /±80%-20%.

If necessary the measured data can be sent to the PC (via mini USB interface) where it can be further processed.

On page of AKTAKOM AMM-3320 you will find much more useful information including its application and the answers for the frequently asked questions.

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