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Aktakom AM-1061. Digital multimeter for daily work

Aktakom AM-1061. Digital multimeter for daily work


Aktakom AM-1061 digital multimeter provides multifunctional measurements, has a shockproof housing and remarkable for its durability. All these features make this model be a perfect multimeter for your daily work.

Height of the LCD figures is 0.9 in / 23 mm only! For quick measuring of AC voltage parameters there is frequency measurement and duty factor available. When measuring AC voltage and current True RMS values are displayed.

Among other features:

  • Max. min. data hold
  • Fast graphic scale
  • Auto / manual range selecting
  • Data hold function
  • Input resistance: 10 MΩ
  • Diodes / continuity test


Value under measurement Range Inaccuracy
DC voltage 0,1 mV...1000 V 0,5%
AC voltage 0,1 mV...1000 V 1,0%
Direct current 0,1 A...10 A 0,5%
Alternating current 0,1 A...10 A 0,5%
Resistance 0,1 Ω...40 MΩ 0,5%
Capacity 10 pF...100 F 3,0%
Frequency 0,001 Hz...40 MHz 0,5%
Duty factor 1%...99% 1,0%

More details are available on page of AM-1061 multimeter. Click here to check.

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