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Aktakom Power Manager Express Pro

The Aktakom Power Manager Express Pro application is designed to manage AKTAKOM APS-7306 power supplies.

Compatible with:†APS-7306 DC Programmable Power Supply
For Windows®
Supported OS:†Windows 10 x32, Windows 10 x64, Windows 11

Aktakom Power Manager Express Pro software allows users to remotely control their power supply via PC. It features Measure, Set Up and Initialization functions, as well as, automatic switching off of the outputs of the device at the end of the program. The program follows basic configurations and some features of operation as the device control panel.

Software Specification

Load voltage indication Yes
Load current indication Yes
Load power indication Yes
Indication of operation under load Yes
Operating mode indication V C / C C
Digital input of voltage and current values Yes
Regulator for entering voltage and current values Horizontal - Sliding
Output on/off button Yes
Preset fixed voltage values Yes
Preset fixed current values Yes
Voice guide Yes (On / Off), Eng
Activate remote control mode Any first command sent from a PC to a power supply using USB
Switch to manual control mode Turn the power supply off and on
Displaying the history of load voltage and current values Yes
Work according to a given schedule of current and voltage values Yes
Saving and importing current and voltage schedules Yes
Current time clock On / Off
Button names On / Off
Help Yes
Language support EN, ES
News On / Off
Supported communication interface USB

Note: Any first command sent from a PC to a power supply using USB switches power supply to remote control mode. To switch power supply back to manual control mode please turn the power supply off and on.

The software is multifunctional and interactive, its pre-set function allows for faster set up and flawless changes. Besides functionality the software has "News" button shows or hides Aktakom news feed. "Info" button displays the information about the program and connected device, and of cause the "Help" button for those who are stuck and need a little help.

Standard package

The software in the standard package of the device has no physical media (CD) and can be downloaded at after the purchasing and registering the equipment with a serial number. This software is not free however its cost is included into device value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Turn-Off News and Events feed on my Control Panel?

  • Can I Turn-Off News and Events feed on my Control Panel?
    To turn off the News and Events feed click on Aktakom Logo as shown on the picture. To turn it back on click on the Logo again.


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