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APS-5305 DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply: 30V, 5A, 1 channel. Impulse. 2 LED indicators. Ripple and Noise 200 mVp-p. Resolution: 100mV/10mA. Operating Time: 8 hr cont. Dimensions: 3.3x6.3x8.1in / 85x160x205mm. Weight: 3.5lb/1.5kg

AKTAKOM APS-5305 is a DC Switching power supply with accuracy 3 digital meter. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 30V and the output current is from 0 to 5A.


  • Input Voltage: AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 0…30V
  • Output Current: 0…5A
  • Supply Regulation: CV≤1%+10mV
  • Load Regulation: CV≤1%+5mV
  • Ripple: 200mVp-p
  • Protection: Current Limit
  • Meters Indication accuracy:
    3digital meter accuracy:
    Voltmeter: LCD+/-1%+2Digits
    Ammeter: LCD+/-1%+2Digits
  • Operation Ambient
    Tamperature: 0°C…40°C
    Humidity: <RH80%
    Atmosphere Pressure: 86kPa…104kPa
  • Operating Time: 8 hr cont.
  • Dimensions: 3.3x6.3x8.1in/85x160x205mm
  • Weight: 3.5lb/1.5kg


  • User Manual

  • Power Cord

  • Set of Banana plug to Alligator Clips
    Crocodile Clips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?

  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?

    AKTAKOM power supplies canít be used for accumulator charging since it may cause the accumulator breakage (recharge, electrolyte boiling, extra pressure of the internal gas which will lead to the accumulator explosion). Accumulators should be charged with the current source which controls the accumulator voltage and regulates the charging current accordingly. When the required accumulator voltage is achieved such type of source simply stops the charging process, its name is a charging device.


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