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AHT-6027 4 PIECE Tweezers Set

Set of 4 steel tweezers: with pointed ends; self-contracting ends, blades, cup points. Length: 4-3/4 in (120 mm). Suitable for work with small parts, PCB repair, removing parts from hard-to-reach places. Handy plastic case for storage.

Set of steel tweezers.
  • Four Different style stainless steel tweezers are useful for any precision or craft project.
  • Ideal for PC board and picking up small components in hard to reach places, as well as component assembly one pc prototype boards.
AKTAKOM AHT-6027 Tweezers Set includes:
  • Sharp pointed tweezers
  • Self-closing tweezers.
  • Spade tweezers.
  • Curved tweezers.
  • Handy vinyl storage pouch.
Length: 4-3/4” (120mm)

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