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AVS-1055 Video Borescope

Video Borescope. LCD screen type: 3.2TFT. Pixel: 320x240. Maximum frame rate: 30fps/s. Picture format from the camera: JPG (320*240). Camera video format: 3GP. View distance: 15 to 25cm (5.9 to 9.8in). Gooseneck length: 1m (39in). Camera diameter: 17mm (0.66in). Viewing direction: Viewing angle 0 and 180. SD card: Max 8GB. TV-OUT: PAL/NTSC system. Language: Support English, French, German, Spanish. Dimension: 240x160x100mm / 9.5x6.3x3.9in. Weight: 584g / 1.3lb.

User's Manual (2.44 Mb)

AKTAKOM AVS-1055 Video Borescope has 3.2" Color TFT LCD, which supports photo/video, time/date display and multilingual menu. Video and images can also be transferred to your pc via SD Card (with included SD adaptor) or usb cable (included), waterproof (IP67) flexible AVS-1055 retains the configured shape.

This Video Borescope can be applied to detect the internal components of instruments in order to determine their operation quality (such as cars, ships, heavy machineries). Also it can check the objects under water when putting the camera into it (Drainage works). It can be used in supervision cases (such as rearview mirror of the cars).


  • On-site inspection of photos and videos
  • Images rotation by pressing up and down buttons under video mode
  • Images display with current time and date
  • Single image or video deletion
  • Image and video recording
  • Display with time and date
  • SD Card (32GB)
  • Flash Card (8GB)
  • Built-in 65M Flash Capacity
  • TV-OUT
  • Video Format (MP4, AVI,3GP, ASF)
  • Image Photo Format (JPG, JPEG)
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish
  • Support operation in dark environment (with four LED lights)
  • USB charging (Li battery)
  • USB2.0 connection to computer


  • Display Sceen: 3.2in TFT
  • Display Pixel: 240(RGB)*320
  • Photosensitive Devices: 1/4 inch CMOS
  • Sensor Pixel: 640*480
  • Photo Resolution: 640*480
  • Maximum Number of Frames (FPS): 30fps/s
  • Color Digit(bit): 24
  • Focusing Distance: Fixed at 15 to 25cm (5.9 to 9.8in)
  • Goosenneck Length: 1m (39in)
  • Camera Diameter: 17mm (0.66in)
  • Video Format: MPEG4/3GP/AVI/ASF
  • Photo Format: JPEG
  • Camera Video Format: 3GP
  • Saved Image Format: JPG (640*480)
  • SD Card: MAX 32GB
  • Flash Memory: MAX 8GB
  • Working Voltage: Li battery 3.7V/2000mA
  • Video Working Current: Approx.380mA
  • Static Current: MAX 20UA
  • TV-OUT: PAL/NTSC system
  • Operating Temperature: 055C
  • Charging Temperature: 050C
  • Storage Temperature: -2060C
  • Storage Humidity: 15% to 85%RH
  • Data Output: USB data cable and SD card


  • 3.7V Li battery
  • Power adaptor
  • Mirror
  • Hook
  • Magnet
  • Carrying case
  • User's Manual

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