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ASE-1128 Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

Temperature controlled soldering station suitable for soldering SMDs (surface mounted devices) that require diverse power levels. Analog control; max. station power: 8W; temperature range: 100C - 450C; max power of the soldering iron: 8W; mica heating element.

ASE-1128 Temperature controlled soldering station is suitable for soldering SMDs (surface mounted devices) that require diverse power levels. The control dial is used to set the required power level. The soldering tip reaches a temperature of approx. 450C.


  • Channel: 1 assembling channel
  • Analog control
  • Max. station power: 8W
  • Temperature range: 100C - 450C
  • Max. power of the soldering iron: 8W
  • Soldering iron voltage supply: 12V
  • Mica heating element


  • Soldering Station - 1
  • Soldering iron - 1
  • Soldering iron holder - 1
  • User manual - 1

Operation instruction for AKTAKOM ASE-1128 soldering station

  • Operate AKTAKOM ASE-1128 soldering station on a clean, horizontal, safe, stable and heat resistant surface.
  • Check whether the on/off switch on the back of the device is off.
  • The soldering iron together with the soldering tip and the connection cable form one unit. Connect the cable round plug to the socket on the front panel of the soldering iron station.
  • Remove the plastic cover from the soldering tip and insert the soldering tip into the spiral holder on the soldering iron station.
  • Connect the power plug to an appropriate power outlet.
  • Turn on the soldering iron station, the power indicator on the front of the device will light up red.
  • Turn the control knob clockwise to the desired power level.
  • Start soldering as soon as the device has heated up sufficiently. Do not operate the device continuously at the highest power level. After 15 minutes maximally of continuous operation at the highest power level, turn the control knob to the medium power level to prevent the soldering tip from overstraining.
  • During breaks or after the end of work, put down the soldering iron in the spiral holder on the soldering iron station with the soldering tip facing downward. Turn the control knob to the low power level during breaks.
  • Turn off the device with on/off switch.
  • Unplug the device and allow it to cool down sufficiently at a safe location.

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