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ADS-4051 Scope Meter

Oscilloscope with a built-in generator. Oscilloscope: 50 MHz bandwidth; 1 channel; sampling rate: of 200 MS/s; memory: 40 oscillograms, vertical resolution: 8 bit, vertical sweep: 10 mV - 50 V/div., horizontal sweep: 5 ns/div. - 2.5 s/div., 5 automatic measurements, cursor measurements, edge triggering (rise and fall); interpolator Sinx / x. Generator: frequency range 10 Hz ... 156 kHz, 1 Hz resolution, 4 waveforms. Built-in calendar, clock. LCD 3.5" 320x240. USB interface - for charging, battery powered, Dimensions: 190 x 105 x 44 mm, weight: 490 g.

AKTAKOM ADS-4051 is a handheld oscilloscope designed to make field service more convenient and simple. Nowadays, the signal frequency of many home appliance and components become higher and higher. ADS-4051 is exactly such an instrument made to adapt the trents. With color display, 50M bandwidth and good value for money, ADS-4051 will be your best choice of all.


  • 50M digital storage oscilloscope (DSO)
  • 10Hz…156kHz function signal generator (DDS)
  • Digital / analog clock and calendar display
  • Chinese help window to prompt key functions and measurement items
  • DSO realizes one-click (AUTO) automatic measurement
  • Automatic display of measured waveforms and automatic zero correction
  • Digital readout of Vp-p, +Vp,-Vp, f, T, dV and dt and measurement setting parameters
  • Memory/readout of up to 40 DSO waveforms
  • Generate sine wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave and square wave signals, used in conjunction with oscilloscope function to compose a test system
  • Use internal 200μS/400μS to test square waves, facilitate the detection of HOT type inter-turn faults ringing signal
  • Auto shutdown and continuous work modes to choose from, automatically select continuous work mode during charging
  • 320x240 3.5-inch color LCD display with LED backlight
  • Built-in 2300mAh lithium rechargeable battery pack and equipped with AC power supply adapter for external power source.


  • Probe
  • Output cable
  • Power supply
  • Case
  • User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After the oscilloscope is powered on the display remains dark, what should I do?

  • After the oscilloscope is powered on the display remains dark, what should I do?

    Please implement the following fault treatment procedure.

    • Check whether the power cable is connected properly.
    • Ensure the power switch is turned on.
    • Restart the instrument after completing the checks above.
    • If the oscilloscope still can not work normally, please call for service.


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