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ADS-4031 Scope Meter

5 in 1: oscilloscope, generator, multimeter, RLC meter, frequency meter. Oscilloscope: 25 MHz bandwidth, 1 channel sample rate: 100 MS/s, memory: 4K, 5 automatic measurements, cursor measurements, edge triggering and video. Generator: frequency range: 10 Hz ... 156 kHz, 4 waveforms. Multimeter: 6600 counts, DCV/ACV: up to 2000 V/1000 V, DC/AC: up to10 A. RLC measurement: R to 60 MΩ, L to 2 H, with up to 66 mF. Frequency measurement: 0.1 Hz ... 60 MHz. Testing of diodes, transistors, quartz resonators, infrared devices. LCD: 3.8" 320x240. USB interface, battery powered; Dimensions: 200 x 135 x 52 mm, weight: 980 g.

AKTAKOM ADS-4031 is unique all-in –one multifunction test instrument comprise of 25MHz Single Channel Oscilloscope, 6000 count high precision Digital Multimeter,Function Generator, 60MΩ LCR Meter and frequency counter. It has a large 3.8’’ 320*240 pixels LCD High Density Back-Lit Graphical display. Convenient and agile auto measure functions, with all measurement parameters adjustable.


  • 25M Digital Storage Oscilloscope Meter (DSO) & 6600 count Auto Ranging Waveform Digital Multimeter (DMM) & 10Hz…156kHz Function Generator (DDS)
  • 60MHz frequency / duty cycle, 156kHz auto-ranging inductance/ 66000μF capacitance/ 60MΩ resistance (LCR), remote control/ crystal detected measurements
  • Panel calibration without open the meter
  • The bandwidth of AC voltage is up to 20kHz and one key switch to waveform display, the max range is up to 2000V
  • In voltage range measurement, peak value detected and peak value hold, and display the MAX/MIN/current value simultaneously on one screen.
  • In DSO mode, one key to switch auto-ranging measuring, automatically display the test waveform and automatically ZERO calibrating.
  • Digital read out Vp-p, +Vp, -Vp, F, T, dV, dt and measuring parameters
  • Storage/ readout over 40 DSO waveform and 200 groups of DMM data; automatically record 200 groups of data for detecting IC conveniently.
  • Generate Sine Wave, Triangle Wave, Saw Tooth Wave and Square Wave, and match using the DSO simultaneously to found the test system.
  • 200μS / 400μS test square wave to detect the Ring signal generated by short circuit in Line output transformer
  • 320x240 industry level LCD with contrast adjustment LED backlight
  • Built-in 1600mAh Ni-Hi charge battery, external matched power adapter
  • USB interface
  • Function extended with optional accessories.


  • Double plastic test leads
  • Oscilloscope probe
  • Signal output line
  • LC special testing line
  • 10A current adapter
  • Power adapter
  • Crystal accessory
  • Case
  • User’s manual
  • USB interface
  • CD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After the oscilloscope is powered on the display remains dark, what should I do?

  • After the oscilloscope is powered on the display remains dark, what should I do?

    Please implement the following fault treatment procedure.

    • Check whether the power cable is connected properly.
    • Ensure the power switch is turned on.
    • Restart the instrument after completing the checks above.
    • If the oscilloscope still can not work normally, please call for service.


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