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ACT-1210 Cable Locator

Cable Locator. 3 in 1. Search for wooden structures (dimensions > 3/4 ") metal, wiring. Laser projection at 180-degree swivel plane, level and plumb perpendicular. Laser pointer: vertical and horizontal marking up to 6m. LCD with graphic pointer. Circular scale. Noncontact voltage sensor. Size: 180x67x38mm / 7.1x2.6x1.5in. Weight: 180g/6.3oz.

User's Manual (102.97 Kb)


  • Laser leveling, layout and stud locating on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • wood, metal and live wire detection-detects wood up to 3/4˝ depth
  • 180 degree pivoting laser plane with level and plumb vials
  • 20 laser line projection onto work surface with 90 degree squaring
  • Two self contained hang pins to mount unit to work surface (vertical or horizontal)
  • LCD sensing and mode display with new target graphics
  • LED display with continuous live wire detection
  • Thumb dial adjustable feet for leveling the laser
  • Easy keypad operation
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and grip
  • Requires a 9V battery


  • Battery: 9 volt
  • Operating Temperature: +20º to +120ºF (-7ºC to +49ºC)
  • Storage Temperature: -20ºF to +150ºF (-29ºC to +66ºC)
  • Laser diode: 650nm class IIIA
  • Laser accuracy: 1/2 at 20 feet
  • Length of projected Laser Line: up to 20 feet


  • User`s Manual

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