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New AKTAKOM ASE-4211 multifunctional 2 in 1 soldering station

New AKTAKOM ASE-4211 multifunctional 2 in 1 soldering station


New AKTAKOM ASE-4211 multifunctional soldering station combines 2 channels in 1 housing: soldering and desoldering (hot air), which makes it a convenient and practical solution for soldering various electronic components (including SMD) in production and repair works.

Soldering iron:

  • Power 70 W
  • Soldering iron heating temperature adjustment: 100480 C / 212896 F
  • Temperature stability 2 C
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Resistance between tip and ground <2 Ω
  • Tip potential to ground: <2 mV

Hot air gun:

  • Power 730 W
  • Temperature range 100...500 C / 212932 F
  • Smoothly adjustable brushless fan
  • Flow rate 30 l/min (max.)
  • Temperature stability 5 C

New ASE-4211 soldering station has the ability to block unauthorized access using a password and independent digital temperature calibration in both channels.

There is an LCD indicator used to display the set temperature with separate areas for the soldering and hot air channels. The temperature for each channel is set with buttons, the air flow is adjusted using a rotary knob.

An additional advantage of AKTAKOM ASE-4211 multifunctional soldering station is the ability to use a large number of replaceable tips and nozzles of various profiles ensuring convenient and efficient installation and dismantling of radio-electronic elements.

The new model has compact design and light weight and can be used in workplaces with limited work space.

More information can be checked here.

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