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Full line of Electronic Loads Aktakom now on

Full line of Electronic Loads Aktakom now on


ATH-8065, ATH-8120, ATH-8125, ATH-8180, ATH-8185, ATH-8240, ATH-8245. This line up represents full scale of Electronic Loads Aktakom. These programmable electronic loads are a cost-effective solution for solar cell and power supply testing, battery and other DC power sources research with a supply voltage of up to 500 V, a load current of up to 120 A, and an absorbed power of up to 2400 W.

Aktakom programmable DC electronic loads provide great performance, reliability and ease of operation with high functionality. These electronic loads support different stabilization modes (constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance, constant power) as well as a number of test functions (battery test, dynamic test, external trigger) which cover a wide range of applications.

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