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AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light (APM21 Light)

APM21 Light (AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light) is an application software to control AKTAKOM Power Supplies from a computer using an USB cable or a local area network (LAN).

Compatible with:†APS-1602LS DC Power Supply 60V / 2A 1 Channel,†APS-1721LS DC Power Supply 120V / 1A 1 Channel,†APS-3103L DC Power Supply,†APS-3320L DC Power Supply,†APS-3320LS DC Power Supply Remote Controlled 600W 30V / 20A 1 Channel programmable,†APS-7303L Programmable DC power supply,†APS-7305L Programmable DC Power Supply,†APS-7306L DC Programmable Power Supply,†APS-7306LS DC Programmable Power Supply
For Windows®
Supported OS:†Windows XP x32,†Windows XP x64,†Windows 7 x32,†Windows 7 x64,†Windows 8 x32,†Windows 8 x64,†Windows 8.1 x32,†Windows 8.1 x64,†Windows 10 x32,†Windows 10 x64

AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light software is designed to remotely control compatible AKTAKOM power supplies with USB or LAN interface.

AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light software provides control of output voltage and current in arbitrary (manual) mode as well as external trigger function (synchronization).

Main program window view:

APM21 Light
Pic 1

When the application is running the power supply connection window will open (See Pic 2).

APM21 Light LAN settings
Pic 2

Select the necessary interface type (USB or LAN), enter the settings for the network connection (IP, port, login) and press OK key to connect to the power supply. You will see the connection state in the main program window, "Connection state" block.

In case of successful connection the program will remember the settings and next time it will try to use them to reconnect to the device.

To restore the connection break in the program operation click "Connect" button in the main window. Also use this window to record the network settings to the power supply memory. To do this open "Connection" window after the device connection via USB, enter the necessary settings in IP, port, login fields and click "Write LAN options to power supply." When recording you will need to enter a password. See Pic 3.

Pic 3

To change the password check box "Replace password to new".

After the device connection its current state will be displayed in Measurements block.

Constant voltage and current mode is controlled by the elements of Control block. To switch on/off the output use Exit key.

Synchronization function allows you to trigger power supply output on and off using an external signal (for AKTAKOM APS-XXXXLS power supplies only).

This software allows to use different trigger types:

  • No. Synchronization is not used.
  • Rise. The device outputs switch their state when there is a transition detected from the lower state of the synchronization line to the upper one.
  • Fall. The device outputs switch their state when there is a transition detected from the upper state of the synchronization line to the lower one.
  • Any. The device outputs switch their state when there is any transition detected on the synchronization line Ė from the lower state to the upper one and vice versa.


  • Continue. Multiple mode. After processing the detected synchronization event the startup system returns to the start waiting state.
  • Single mode. After processing the detected synchronization event the startup system stops operating. To switch it to the start waiting state press the restart key.


It is used in multiple mode ("Continue"). If set to zero the synchronization is restarted an unlimited number of times. If set to the number greater than zero the synchronization is restarted the specified number of times and thereafter it turns off as in a single mode.

Synchronization state indicator:

  • Grey color. The synchronization system is off.
  • Yellow color. The synchronization system is in the start waiting state
  • Green color. The synchronization system has detected a start event and sent a start command.
  • Red color. The synchronization system is stopped and requires the userís command to process the next start event.


Disable outputs key (see below) has priority over the synchronization settings. When the output is allowed (the key is pressed), the synchronization will control the outputs state, but if it is disabled (the key is released, off), the outputs will be always disabled regardless of the synchronization state.

Standard package

The software in the standard package of the device has no physical media (CD) and can be downloaded at after the purchasing and registering the equipment with a serial number. This software is not free however its cost is included into device value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light software?
  • What are the advantages of APM21 Pro vs Light?

  • How to install AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light software?

    To install AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light run APM21Lt_Setup.exe and follow the installer instructions:

    Click "Install", the installation process will be launched.


    What are the advantages of APM21 Pro vs Light?

    We have added a number of new features to AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Pro, trying to keep it simple and easy to use.

    Template management

    AKTAKOM laboratory power supplies can supply current with arbitrary parameters precisely set by the user, but in practice a number of parameters with fixed values are most often used - 1.5 Volts, 3.3, 9, 12 ... In APM21 Pro, you can make a list of your "favorite" values in advance voltage and current and then set them to the device with one click.

    Command list management

    Another important property of our power supplies is the ability to dynamically change the current output parameters. APM21 Pro can do this automatically. Set a list of commands to the device in advance, specifying the necessary parameters and time, save the list to a file and run it for automatic execution when you need it.

    Customizable user interface

    In addition to additional ways to control the device, the main window of the program also has a graph displaying the history of measurements received from the device. All this may seem redundant and cluttering for someone who plans to use the source for simple standard tasks. In this case, you can customize the user interface in a way that is convenient for you: hide and collapse all the blocks you donít need with special buttons and leave only the ones you need.

    Saving data

    If your lab's power supply is used for research, you may need to review instrument operation later. Therefore, we saved the history of events (displayed in the Protocol window) and measurement data (displayed on the graph in the main window) to a file.


    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. AKTAKOMô software is protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized copy, reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this software may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.

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