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AKTAKOM Power Manager (APM)

APM (AKTAKOM Power Manager) is an application software to control and programming an Aktakom Power Supplies APS-730xL & APS-3xxxL from a computer using an USB cable or a local area network (LAN). This application implements some advanced features (graphical and tabular editor, formula calculator for output parameters and more).

Compatible with: APS-1602LS DC Power Supply 60V / 2A 1 Channel, APS-1721LS DC Power Supply 120V / 1A 1 Channel, APS-3103L DC Power Supply, APS-3320L DC Power Supply, APS-3320LS DC Power Supply Remote Controlled 600W 30V / 20A 1 Channel programmable, APS-7203 Programmable DC Power Supply, APS-7205 Programmable DC Power Supply, APS-7303L Programmable DC power supply, APS-7305L Programmable DC Power Supply, APS-7306L DC Programmable Power Supply, APS-7306LS DC Programmable Power Supply, APS-7313 Programmable DC Power Supply, APS-7315 Programmable DC Power Supply, APS-7612 Programmable DC Power Supply
For Windows®
Supported OS: Windows XP x32, Windows XP x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x32, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1 x32, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 10 x32, Windows 10 x64
Discontinued software
Replaced by: Aktakom Power Manager Max Pro

AKTAKOM Power Manager (APM) Software is designed to remotely control AKTAKOM power supplies listed in the compatibility list. APM Software is included in the delivery package of the device models mentioned above or available for an additional payment.


APM Software offers wide opportunities for controlling the output voltage and stabilization current both in arbitrary (manual) and in functional modes. Functional control is a powerful APM software tool which allows you not only to automatically control the device via your computer but also to program it for the off-line mode operation in accordance with the predetermined algorithm. Functional control mode in APM software allows you to automatically control the output parameters (voltage or current) of the power supply according to the law set by the graphical and tabular editors. In the convenient graphical editor user may set 10 standard forms of parameter changes (including: sine, square, triangle, saw, flash, pulse, 2 types of exponent, 2 types of S-curves) as well as any arbitrary shape which can be described with a formula.

With the help of this software user may control the output voltage and current of power supplies of both types: those equipped with control ADC and without ADC. In case the power supply is with ADC the values are ​​measured hardwarily at the device output. If the power supply is without ADC parameters are specified by the preset value. There is an opportunity to work with the program in compatibility mode of the operation.


  • Arbitrary (manual) mode to specify output parameters. Standard 3.3V, 5V with an option to extend the list of the user-specific values.
  • Functional mode to specify the output parameters (by law): 10 standard forms to set parameters with an option to change them.
  • Programming for the off-line mode operation without the connection with the control unit: the duration of one off-line operation cycle is up to 119304 hours, the number of cycles – unlimited
  • Graphical editor: discrecity is from 8 to 130000 points
  • Tabular editor
  • Formula calculator
  • Graphical representation of the output parameters change law (datagram)
  • Configurable time of monitoring and control
  • Function to switch on/off the mode of indication extra accuracy
  • Alarm mode by condition
  • Recorder mode
  • Function to voice the events
  • Transparent panels

To use the program when you connect the device software it requires a key. Without this key the program is capable of operating but has no connection with the device. Without the key you may for example view the previously recorded files. The key can be found on the web site after the device registration with its serial number. The key provides the program operation with one device only.


Program user interface consists of operating panels (windows). Every panel contains control elements (CE) which allow the user to influence on the program work as well as on the indicators which reflect all necessary information. In contrast to the CE the user cannot make a direct influence on the indicators. The majority of these elements are the part of Windows standard interface and don't require special use explanation.

Control panel at the top of the window is used for quick opening of some program main menu commands. Channels tabs introduce indicators to control the power supply channels. Measurements box contains numerical indicators issued on the following channel of stabilization voltage and current. For the devices equipped with control ADC these values are measured on the device output hardwarily, at the same time the figures are displayed in green. For those devices without ADC the value under measurement is determined by the specified value and all the figures are displayed in red.

Functional control

This window shows the specified and measured voltage curves in Diagrams tab and allows automatically controlling the output voltage in accordance with the predetermined law with the help of Graphical editor and Tabular editor.

Under the control panel there are two cursors: the left cursor shows data file reading position, the right one regulates the reading rate. Set alarm - when you set this option the program will control the current voltage to be within the specified limits. If it goes beyond the limits the program will switch on the audible alarm (the indicator will start burning, and the audible alarm will be emitted in case the user hasn't disabled the alarm with button). Also if "Message" option is on, system message called "AKTAKOM Power Manager Alarm Message" will be sent to the operating system, the current emergency situation code will be passed by this message parameter.

Either the current voltage or the data of the file opened for reading is displayed on the graph in the record mode. In addition to the measured values curve there is a set values curve as well displayed with the same color that is used for the channel measurements curve but the tint is less bright. For those units not equipped with control ADC these curves will be identical. In Cursors box there are measurement values from both graph cursors. Also when saving the data to the file the number of the samples recorded is displayed in this box. Scale and shift allow the user to set the graph scales manually or automatically using button. Here there are indicators of the current data output beyond the alarm signaling (they are on even when the alarm is off) and beyond the graph.

Graphical editor

Tabular editor

AKTAKOM APS-7303 and 7305 USB driver installation for MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 Software Installation

AKTAKOM APS-7313, 7315 and 7612 USB driver installation for MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 Software Installation

Software Installation Instructions

Insert the software distribution disk into the drive, find “setup.exe” program, run it and then follow the further installation program instruction.

When the installation process is finished there will be program group created with the shortcuts for the device program and its Help. You can run them with the help of "Start" menu. Before the device use you should install the USB interface driver. During the software installation all necessary files will be placed into the program working folder, into the Driver subfolder. If you connected the device to the PC during the program installation the driver will be also installed into the system automatically. If, due to some reasons, the driver hasn't been installed you may install it manually at any time later. You may find the description of the driver manual installation procedure in the present Help section below.

Do not forget to specify the device type you would prefer to use and its network location if necessary. Therefore you may use the program Options panel.

When you start running the program it tries to connect to the device in accordance with the saved settings (see Sockets and Technics tabs description of the Options panel). It's possible to use the program without the device connection. Therefore choose "emulator" as the device type.


All necessary files are located in the program working directory, C:\Program Files\AKTAKOM\AKTAKOM Power Manager\Driver

Driver installation for Windows 7 OS.

  1. Switch on the PC, connect AKTAKOM device to the PC via USB-port. Switch on the unit supply. Driver can be updated only when the device is on!
  2. Open «Device manager» (pressing Windows + Pause keys)

  3. Find the right device in the list (AKTAKOM USB-LAB or Unknown device)
  4. Open it with a double click. You will see a window. Press "Update Driver...

  5. Select "Browse my computer for driver software

  6. Select the direction where the driver is (in a new installed program the driver location is "?:/Program Files (x86)/Driver". If you update the driver specify the direction with a new driver).

  7. Select "Install this driver software anyway

  8. You will see the following window for APS-7303 and APS-7305

  9. Close the driver updating window
  10. Repeat the procedure described above for all other drivers in case or more than one device (the number of installed devices must be equal to amount of connected devices).

APS-7303 and 7305 device driver installed.

APS-7313, 7315 and 7612 device driver installed.

Standard package

The software in the standard package of the device has no physical media (CD) and can be downloaded at after the purchasing and registering the equipment with a serial number. This software is paid-for and its cost is included into device value.

In the new version of the software, when connecting the unit for the first time, it will ask for a license (access key). It is available online after product registration. Insert the entire character set by coping and pasting it from Follow the instructions on the site. We recommend that you make and keep a copy of the downloaded software. Follow the our websites news releases to receive software updates.

Remote control of a power supply with the AKTAKOM Power Manager

Controlling the output voltage by using the graphical editor

Controlling the output voltage by using the table editor

Defining the output voltage form by formula

Defining the output voltage form manually

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install AKTAKOM Power Manager?

  • How to install AKTAKOM Power Manager?
    When you download AKTAKOM Power Manager you receive *.exe file which is used for installation. Run this file and follow the instructions like it’s shown in the pictures below.

    After the parameters are selected click Install and wait until the installation process is finished.

    After AKTAKOM Power Manager installation it will be suggested to install USB driver automatically. To start the driver installation click Finish.

    When the driver installation is completed AKTAKOM Power Manager will be ready for further use.

    Driver installation for Windows 8.1 OS.

    1.Switch on the PC, connect AKTAKOM device to the PC via USB-port. Switch on the unit supply. NOTE! The driver can be updated only when the device is on!

    2.Open «Device manager» (pressing Windows + Pause keys)

    3.Find the right device in the list (AKTAKOM USB-LAB or Unknown device)

    4.Open it with a double click. You will see a window. Press "Update Driver..."

    5. Select "Browse my computer for driver software"

    6.Select the direction where the driver is (in a new installed program the driver location is "C:/Program Files/AKTAKOM\AKTAKOM Power Manager\Driver". If you update the driver specify the direction with a new driver).

    7. Press “Next”

    8.You will see the following window

    9.Close the driver updating window

    10.Repeat the procedure described above for all problem drivers if you have a combined device (the number of modules should coincide with the number of drivers updated).

    11.After all the drivers are updated AKTAKOM instruments should look the following way in «Device manager».


    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. AKTAKOM™ software is protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized copy, reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this software may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.

    Windows, Windows logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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