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APS-1721LS DC Power Supply 120V / 1A 1 Channel

DC remote controlled programmable power supply: 120V, 1A 1 Channel. 2-line LCD display.4-wire circuit. Push-button control current. Ripple/noise ratio — 1mV RMS. Resolution 100mV/1mA. Select the highlight color. Remote control via USB or LAN. 5.1x7.5x10.6in / 130x190x270mm. Weight: 11.24lb / 5.1kg

User's Manual (714.65 Kb)

AKTAKOM APS-1721LS single channel DC regulated bench remote controlled programmable power supply with adjustable current limit. Large Digital Display with LED meter displays Volts & Amps. Front panel output Banana Jacks & Terminal strip for remote Voltmeter Sensing at the load.

There is a four-wire (4-wire) connection scheme used. This connection method provides accurate voltage supply preset in the load. This leads to the compensation of the wire resistance connecting the power supply and the load that is especially important in the industrial application of the power supply.

AKTAKOM APS-1721LS DC power supply differs from other similar power supplies by wide capabilities of local and remote control through AKTAKOM Power Manager software.

APS-1721LS remote controlled DC power supply is capable of operating in several modes:

Manual control mode.

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-1721LS DC power supply by computer via USB interface through AKTAKOM Power Manager Software. Moreover the USB interface has full galvanic isolation between the power supply and the computer.

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-1721LS DC power supply by computer using an USB cable or LAN cable (ethernet).

Remote control mode to operate AKTAKOM APS-1721LS DC power supply throught the remote access to the computer USB-connected to APS-1721LS. AKTAKOM Power Manager Software provides the operation in «server-client» mode even for power supplies without built-in LAN interface. Meanwhile the power supply is physically connected to computer-server via USB interface and the data is available for reading from any computer of the network.

AKTAKOM Power Manager Software (APM) provides a wide range of control capabilities of output voltage and stabilization current both in manual and functional modes. Functional control is a very powerful tool of APM software which allows you not only to control your AKTAKOM power supply automatically by computer but also to program its off-line operation mode by prespecified algorithm. Functional control mode in APM software allows automatically controlling the output parameters (voltage and current) of the power supply according to the principle specified with the help of graphics and tabular editors. In a convenient graphics editor user may specify 10 standard forms of parameters (including sine, square, triangle, saw, flash, pulse, 2 types of exponents, 2 types of S-curves), as well as, almost any arbitrary form which can be described formulary. The program operation in equipment operation compatibility mode is also available.


  • Output: 0-120V @ 0-1A
  • Utilizing SMD technology
  • LCD displays voltage and current
  • LCD displays stable voltage and current
  • Discretional choice of green, yellow backlight for LCD
  • Automatic conversion of stable voltage and current
  • Loopy type high accuracy voltage regulation
  • Step-type electric current adjustment
  • With extention output connectors
  • Remote control via USB or LAN


  • Output voltage: 0...120 V
  • Output voltage accuracy: ±(1% + 200 mV)
  • Output voltage display resolution: 100 mV
  • Output current: 0...1 A
  • Output current accuracy: ±(1% + 4 mA)
  • Output current display resolution: 1 mA
  • Ripple and Noise: 3 mV
  • Load stability: ±(1% + 10 mV)
  • Interface: USB Device, LAN
  • Source effect: ≤5x10-4+3mV
  • Load effect: ≤5x10-4+3mV
  • Ripple coefficient: ≤1mV
  • Stepped current: 30mA ±1mA
  • Display: LCD
  • Power supply: 110/220 V
  • Dimensions: 5.1x7.5x10.6in / 130x190x270mm
  • Weight: 11.24lb / 5.1kg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?
  • What are the advantages of APM21 Pro vs Light?

  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?

    AKTAKOM power supplies can’t be used for accumulator charging since it may cause the accumulator breakage (recharge, electrolyte boiling, extra pressure of the internal gas which will lead to the accumulator explosion). Accumulators should be charged with the current source which controls the accumulator voltage and regulates the charging current accordingly. When the required accumulator voltage is achieved such type of source simply stops the charging process, its name is a charging device.


    What are the advantages of APM21 Pro vs Light?

    We have added a number of new features to AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Pro, trying to keep it simple and easy to use.

    Template management

    AKTAKOM laboratory power supplies can supply current with arbitrary parameters precisely set by the user, but in practice a number of parameters with fixed values are most often used - 1.5 Volts, 3.3, 9, 12 ... In APM21 Pro, you can make a list of your "favorite" values in advance voltage and current and then set them to the device with one click.

    Command list management

    Another important property of our power supplies is the ability to dynamically change the current output parameters. APM21 Pro can do this automatically. Set a list of commands to the device in advance, specifying the necessary parameters and time, save the list to a file and run it for automatic execution when you need it.

    Customizable user interface

    In addition to additional ways to control the device, the main window of the program also has a graph displaying the history of measurements received from the device. All this may seem redundant and cluttering for someone who plans to use the source for simple standard tasks. In this case, you can customize the user interface in a way that is convenient for you: hide and collapse all the blocks you don’t need with special buttons and leave only the ones you need.

    Saving data

    If your lab's power supply is used for research, you may need to review instrument operation later. Therefore, we saved the history of events (displayed in the Protocol window) and measurement data (displayed on the graph in the main window) to a file.


    Compatible Software

    AKTAKOM File Converter (AULFConverter)
    AKTAKOM File Converter (AULFConverter) is an utility to convert AKTAKOM data file format used in AKTAKOM applications including APM to other formats such as CSV and WAV.
    AKTAKOM Net Configurator (ANC)
    AKTAKOM Net Configurator is designed to record and read the network settings data of AKTAKOM Universal Lab devices (supporting AULNet protocol). The application provides simple and convenient user interface to work with settings, they can be recorded into the file and read afterwards.
    AKTAKOM Power Manager (APM)

    APM (AKTAKOM Power Manager) is an application software to control and programming an Aktakom Power Supplies APS-730xL & APS-3xxxL from a computer using an USB cable or a local area network (LAN). This application implements some advanced features (graphical and tabular editor, formula calculator for output parameters and more).

    AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light (APM21 Light)

    APM21 Light (AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Light) is an application software to control AKTAKOM Power Supplies from a computer using an USB cable or a local area network (LAN). This software provides control of output voltage and current in arbitrary (manual) mode as well as external trigger function (synchronization).

    AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Professional (APM21 Pro)
    AKTAKOM Power Manager 21 Professional (APM21 Pro) is an application software to control AKTAKOM Power Supplies from a computer using an USB cable or a local area network (LAN). This software offers some advanced features, such as control templates, command lists, customizable user interface, history of events.
    AKTAKOM Power Manager Light (APM Light)

    APM Light (AKTAKOM Power Manager Light) is an application software to control Aktakom Power Supplies from a computer using an USB cable or a local area network (LAN).

    AKTAKOM USB Device Driver for Windows (AUNLibUSB)

    AUNLibUSB device driver for Windows supports AKTAKOM USB Lab instruments (PC-based oscilloscopes and other). AUNLibUSB driver is a low-level program which does not communicate with user directly neither has user interface. After its installation in the operating system the driver starts working as a part of this operating system and supplies applications with the access to the resource of AKTAKOM supported devices and appropriate programs.

    AKTAKOM Web Server (AULWebServer)

    AULWebServer is a web interface based application (TCP/IP protocols). It allows remote control of a power supply over the local area network (LAN).

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