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ADG-1011 Function Generator

Function Waveform Generator: Dual channel output; Ch A: Frequancy: sine: 40μHz…10MHz, other: square and pulse: 40mHz…5MHz, accuracy: ±50ppm ±40mHz; Waveform: Sine, Square, Pulse, DC; Length: 3-16Kpoints. Ch B: Frequancy: sine: 40mHz…1MHz, other: 40mHz…50kHz, accuracy: ±50ppm ±40mHz; Waveform: 22 types including Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Stair, etc. Size: 8.7×3.9×13.4in / 221×100×340mm; Weight: 7lb / 3.15kg.

AKTAKOM ADG-1011 is a DDS function generator with the high performance indexes and numerous function characteristics which are necessary for the fast completion of measuring. The simple and clear front panel design and color liquid crystal display interface are convenient for the users to operate and observe. Moreover, the extended optional functions enhance the system characteristics. The generator is of the following advanced specifications and powerful function characteristics.


  • With the function of Pulse&Harmonic signal source
  • With the function of AM, FM, FSK, ASK, PSK and external modulation input
  • Multi-waveform: 22 types of waveforms can be output
  • Output in two independent channels independently or added linearly
  • High frequency accuracy: up to the level of 10-5
  • Non-intergraded process: up to the stable value immediately when switching, continuous signal phase and amplitude without deflection
  • Memory property: 40 groups of generator state parameters set by users can be saved and they can recur at any moment when necessary.


Modification ADG-1011 ADG-1021 ADG-1031 ADG-1041
Main waveforms sine, square, pulse (channels A and B)
Additional forms 12 waveforms (channels A and B), 1 waveform (channel A), 28 waveforms (channel B)
Channel A
Sine 40µHz…10MHz 40µHz…20MHz 40µHz…30MHz 40µHz…40MHz
Other waveforms 30mHz…5MHz
Resolution 10µHz (< 41kHz), 10mHz (> 41kHz)
Frequency accuracy > 10mHz ±(2×10-5+1range)
Amplitude range (high impedance) 0-20Vpp
Overshoot of frequency, not more < 1MHz ±5dB > 1MHz ±10dB
Level accuracy, 1 kHz, high impedance > 10mV ± (1% + 2mV)
Offset range: ± 10V (high impedance)
Offset accuracy > 10mV ± (1% + 2mV)
Total harmonic distortion < 0,5% (20Hz…200kHz)
Rise/fall time of pulse signal < 30ns
Pulse duty ratio 0,01%…99,99 %
Pulse length 20ns…10s
Trigger output Pulse, compatible with TTL, CMOS, 50Ω
Channel B
Sine 10mHz…1MHz
Other waveforms 10mHz…1MHz
Resolution 10mHz
Frequency accuracy ±(2×10-5+1range)
Amplitude range 0…20Vpp
Technical characteristics
Channel quantity 2
Display LCD, TFT 5,7"
Interface USB-host
Supply voltage 110V/220V
Operating conditions Air temperature 0…40ºC, relative humidity < 80 %
Dimensions 8.7×3.9×13.4in / 221×100×340mm
Weight 7lb / 3.15kg


  • Power cord
  • Testing cable
  • BNC Coaxial cable
  • USB interface cable
  • User’s guide

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