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ASE-4204 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Multifunctional Rework Station

ESD-safe temperature controlled multifunctional rework station. Especially recommended for work with temperature sensitive electronic components such as IC, QFP, SOP, etc. Equipped with high-quality durable easy replaceable heating element. Vacuum pump of high capacity is perfect for the work with multilayer printed circuits. Temperature range: 392-896F / 200-480C. 760W. AC220V10%; 50Hz/60Hz.

Since soldering and rework processes when repairing electronics are usually made sequentially by one specialist its obviously convenient to use a universal system combining the features necessary for both operation types.

AKTAKOM ASE-4204 professional multifunction station unites in one block a soldering station and rework equipment. This allows ASE-4204 to occupy a minimal space and organize a high performance work area.

AKTAKOM ASE-4204 soldering and rework station is ESD-safe. This is an important requirement that should be met since the absence of antistatic protection may cause the damage of valuable electronic components with electro static discharge.

ASE-4204 rework station has a hot air gun and a soldering iron accordingly. It is especially recommended for work with temperature sensitive electronic components such as IC, QFP, SOP, etc.


  • 2 in 1 rework station
  • Volume and temperature can be adjusted to solder IC, QFP, SOP.
  • ESD-safe. Suitable for work with static-sensitive components
  • High-quality heating element that can be easily replaced
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted
  • The indicator will blink rapidly when the temperature reaches the desired value.
  • The fan will still work for a moment after you finish your work and power off the station. This can extend the life of the heater and the handle.


  • Power consumption: 760W
  • Output voltage: AC220V10%; 50Hz/60Hz
  • Temperature range: 392 to 896F / 200 to 480C
  • Airflow volume: 24L / Min (Max)
  • Noise: <45 dB
  • Dimensions: 13x10.8x7.7 in / 330x275x195 mm
  • Weight: 8.2 lb / 3.7 kg

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