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ASE-4202 SMD Rework Station

Input Voltage: 110VAC 10%. SMD Rework station: temperature range: 100C-500C/212F-932F, air flow: 120l/min (Max), output power: 700W. Soldering station: temperature range: 200-480C/392-896F, output power: 50W. Weight: 3.2kg/7.1lb

User's Manual (3.7 Mb)

AKTAKOM ASE-4202 is a SMD rework station that combines hot air gun and soldering iron perfectly. Not only does it operate simply and comfortable, but save room largely. Aktakom ASE-4202 rapidly gains temperature, is compact-sized and automatically cool off after the work is finished.


  • Multifunctional Integrated Desoldering Maintenance System Combined by Rework Station and Soldering Station.
  • The core of the whole machine controlled by the single and microwave chip to make sure of temperature accuracy and stability of rework station and soldering station; not simply combined by the two equipments.
  • Clear digital display of the current working temperature and conditions
  • Temperatures of rework station and soldering station continuously adjusted by digital buttons to meet the needs in different workplaces.
  • The two stations can work separately.
  • Intuitive fault indication function.

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage: AC110V 10%

Power: 750W (max)

Rework Station:

Rated Voltage: AC110V 10%
Output Power: 700W
Temperature Range: 212-932F / 100-500C
Temperature Stability: 5C
Air Flow: 120l/min (max)

Soldering Station:

Working Voltage: AC26V 50Hz
Output Power: 50W
Temperature range: 392-896F / 200-480C
Temperature stability: 2C (static)
Ground Impedance: <2Ω
Ground Voltage: <3mV

Weight: 3.2kg/7.1lb


  1. Soldering iron
  2. Iron holder
  3. Hot air gun nozzles
  4. Power cord
  5. User manual

Safety instructions

Take care of yourself!

  1. Please read user manual carefully before using the instrument.
  2. Do not use the device if there is visible damage.
  3. Repair and maintenance of the device can be done only by a qualified specialist of the service center.
  4. Before connecting the instrument to the electrical network, observe all known precautions, and make sure that the grounding system is to avoid electric shock.
  5. Use only those accessories that are intended for use with this device.
  6. While working, do not touch the metal parts near the tip of the soldering iron.
  7. After completion of the work, it is necessary to install the soldering gun in the regular holder of the soldering gun.

Operation instruction


When the new machine is operated for the first time, you must install the handle frame, the picture is as follows: According to your habits, you can screw the four screws tightly. Under your need, remove the two screws of the fixed handle shelf on the right or on the left. Put the two installation holes of the handle in the fixed screw holes, and screw the two removed screwed tightly. Put the components of the handle on the frame and check if suitable.


Open the master power switch at the back panel of the device after connected the power. In the case of two heat switch closed, LED display show the rework station in waiting state with "--1"


Put on the heat switch, LED display show the current open sets. Three seconds later, display the actual work state. At same time, the heat channel shows indicator lights.

Stop working

Put off the heat switch of current working channel, it will stop heating. If LED previously displays working state of one channel, now it shows the other channel working state or waiting state.

Shut down

After using it, remember to cool the machine. You should put the handle on the shelf. When the machine is in the waiting state, you can make the power off, which will extend the service life of soldering station &SMD rework. If you don't use it, you should put the heat switch and master power switch at the back panel off.

Digital display conversion

On the condition of connected power, push the “SET” cord to transform between the two channels, and the connected channel show indicator lights.

Temperature setting

After connected power, if the display shows the state you need, you can directly press the "up or down cord to converse the temperature of this channel. If not, you should press SET cord, then press UP or DOWN cord to converse temperature. Accomplish the display settings, three seconds later, display shows the actual work state.

The waiting state of hot air rework

If you do not use this device temporary and please put the handle on the handle frame, the device will cut down hot air. When the temperature is less than 100°?, the rework station becomes in waiting state. Now the state of LED display showing is the situation of soldering station &SMD rework. If the device come into operating state, the display will automatically converse to the state of soldering station &SMD rework, otherwise, it will show "SLP", the waiting state. Under the waiting state, display does not show state neither of the two channel. LED display shows the working state of soldering station & SMD rework and restores last time settings, as long as you hold the handle of the rework station again.

Symbol description

Display "--1" means the rework station partly does not start that the heating cord is off.
Display SLP means the rework station enters the waiting mode.
Display "--2" means the soldering station partly does not start that the heating cord is off.
Display S-E means there is something wrong with the sensor of the working channel, so the device stops outputting signal.
Display H-E means the heating elements of the channel may be damaged partly.
Bottom of the decimal point of the display: all are lighting which means heating; all snub out which means stopping heating; some is flicker means the temperature of one channel, at least, is stably.

Correcting temperature

You should correct temperature after changing the heating elements or iron tip. When you correct temperature, please use no sense and suitable screwdriver stretch into corresponding hole of CAL, then rotate fine tuning toward left or right.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I switch from Fahrenheit (F) to Celsius (C) when operating AKTAKOM ASE-4202 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Soldering and SMD Rework Station?

  • How can I switch from Fahrenheit (F) to Celsius (C) when operating AKTAKOM ASE-4202 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Soldering and SMD Rework Station?

    If AKTAKOM ASE-4202 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Soldering and SMD Rework Station measures temperature in °F and you need to use °C take the following steps:

    1. Put the power switches of the hot air gun (11 in pic.1), the soldering iron (12 in pic.1) and the station (13 in pic.1) to OFF «O».
    2. Connect the power cord to AC network.
    3. Press and keep pressed SET button used to switch the temperature values (4 in pic.1).
    4. Keeping SET button pressed (4 in pic.1) put the power switch of the station (13 in pic.1) to ON «I».
    5. The station will be switched on and its display will have «― ― C» symbol. That would mean the measurements will be taken in °C.
    6. Release SET button (4 in pic.1).
    7. To return °F measurement unit repeat the steps enumerated above. «― ― F» symbol on the display will mean that further measurements will be taken in °F.


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