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ATE-6036 Digital Tachometer

Digital Tachometer. Display: 5 digits, 18mm (0.7") LCD. Max/Min value. Sampling Time: 0.8 sec (over 60RPM). Accuracy: (0.05%+1digital). Time Base: Quartz crystal. Range Select: Auto-range. Detecting Distance: 50500mm (photo). Measuring Range: 2.5 to 99,999RMP (photo), 0.5 to 19,999RMP (contact). Dimension: 210x74x37mm / 7.9x2.9x1.5in. Battery 4x1.5V or 6V direct current stable voltage power.

User's Manual (75.39 Kb)

AKTAKOM ATE-6036 combined type handy portable digital tachometer is designed for contact and noncontact measuring of shaft rotation velocity and linear speed of parts movement. The tachometer provides high-precision measurements. The latest maximum and minimum values can be automatically stored in memory.


  • It is used the microcomputer (CPU) technique and junction laser technique for one instrument combine PHOTO TACH. (RPM) & CONTACT TACH (RPM, m/min).
  • Wide measuring range and high resolution.
  • Yellow green backlight makes sure that tachometer can work normally in any light circumstance.
  • The last displayed value/max. Value/min. Value maybe automatically stored in memory and 96s of measured value continuously. So this makes customers collected and recorded data. (The tachometer starts to store the data measured after which is renovation for three times).
  • The tachometer can be connected 6V direct current stable voltage power in favor of using for long time.
  • Low battery voltage indication.
  • Contact part and photo part can be switched value at any time.
  • New surface speed sensor with flute vials to measure speed and length of wire, cable and rope conveniently.
  • The instrument is delicate and rugged. It uses the durable, long-lasting components and a strong, light weight ABC plastic housing. The comfortably in either hand.


  • Display: 5digital, 18mm (0.7 yellow green backlight LCD)
  • Accuracy: (0.05%+1digital)
  • Sampling Time: 0.8 sec (over 60RPM)
  • Range Select: Auto-range
  • Time Base: Quartz crystal
  • Detecting Distance: 50500mm (photo)
  • Dimension: 210x74x37mm / 7.9x2.9x1.5in
  • Power: 4x1.5V AA size battery or 6V direct current stable voltage power.
  • Power consumption: approx. 65mA


  • Carrying case
  • Reflecting tape mark
  • 4 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Operation manual
  • Rollers to measure linear speed and rotation frequency

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