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ATE-6034 Digital Tachometer

Digital Tachometer. Display: 5 digits, 18mm (0.7") LCD. Max/Min value. Sampling Time: 0.8 sec (over 60RPM). Accuracy: (0.05%+1digital). Time Base: Quartz crystal. Range Select: Auto-range. Detecting Distance: 50500mm (photo). Measuring Range: 2.5 to 99,999RMP. Resolution: 0.1RPM (2.5 to 999.9RMP), 1RPM (over 1000RPM). Dimension: 210x74x37mm / 7.9x2.9x1.5in. Battery 4x1.5V or 6V direct current stable voltage power.

User's Manual (1.98 Mb)

Portable Digital Photo Tachometer with a laser pointer is designed for precise noncontact measuring of rotary speed in units difficult to access, as well as for measuring of shaft angular velocity.


  • It is used the microcomputer (CPU) technique and junction laser technique for one instrument combine PHOTO TACH. (RPM) & CONTACT TACH (RPM, m/min).
  • Wide measuring range and high resolution.
  • Yellow green backlight makes sure that tachometer can work normally in any light circumstance.
  • The last displayed value/max. Value/min. Value maybe automatically stored in memory and 96s of measured value continuously.
  • So this makes customers collected and recorded data. (The tachometer starts to store the data measured after which is renovation for three times).
  • The tachometer can be connected 6V direct current stable voltage power in favor of using for long time.
  • Low battery voltage indication.
  • Contact part and photo part can be switched value at any time.
  • New surface speed sensor with flute vials to measure speed and length of wire, cable and rope conveniently.
  • The instrument is delicate and rugged. It uses the durable, long-lasting components and a strong, light weight ABC plastic housing. The comfortably in either hand.


  • Display: 5digital, 18mm (0.7 yellow green backlight LCD)
  • Accuracy: (0.05%+1digital)
  • Sampling Time: 0.8second (over 60RPM)
  • Time Base: Quartz crystal
  • Range Select: Auto-range
  • Time Base: Quartz crystal
  • Detecting Distance: 50500mm (photo)
  • Dimension: 210x74x37mm / 7.9x2.9x1.5in
  • Power: 4x1.5V AA size battery or 6V direct current stable voltage power.
  • Power consumption: approx. 65mA
Photo tachometer:
  • Measuring Range: 2.5 to 99999RMP
  • Resolution: 0.1RPM (2.5 to 999.9RMP)
    1RPM (over 1000RPM)
  • Total Test Range: 1 to 99999
Contact tachometer:
  • Measuring Range: CONTACT THCH 0.5 to 19999RPM
    Surface Speed (m/min): 0.05 to 1999.9m/min
    Surface long (m): 0.05 to 99999m
  • Resolution: CONTACT THCH: 0.1RPM (0.5 to 999.9RPM)
    1RPM (over 1000RPM)
    Surface Speed: 0.01m/min (0.05 to 99.99m/min)
    0.1m/min (over 100m/min)
    Surface long: 0.02m (0.05 to 99999m)


  • Carrying case
  • Reflecting tape mark
  • 4 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Operation manual

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