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Well known in Europe since the year 2000 AKTAKOM trademark has been successfully registered in the USA in 2013. The registered AKTAKOM brand combines the wide range of test and measuring instruments of the highest quality and precision. Created by professionals for professionals, AKTAKOM’s mission is to provide clients worldwide with the highest quality testing equipment. Quality, innovation and precision are the hallmarks of all the products under AKTAKOM trademark. The team of highly professional scientists carefully selected every item we sell based on their personal experiences and implementation of the latest technologies.

AKTAKOM’s good name and excellent reputation has been established for its quality, innovation and precision. AKTAKOM offers large variety of digital test and measurement equipment including Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Waveform Generators, Environment meters, Clamp meters and Milliohm meters. In addition to test equipment, AKTAKOM’s Professional Soldering Stations are equal in quality to world leading brands while offering much lower prices and excellent customer service.

AKTAKOM understands that in today’s fast paced competitive market the latest digital equipment is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Therefore all of the products are offered at the lowest possible price and perform as many functions as possible.

AKTAKOM wins a Test & Measurement World Best in Test Award!

Santa Clara, CA, USA, Jan. 29, 2013 – The results of The Best in Test Award competition, annually held by the prestigious «Test & Measurement World» magazine, were announced at the DesignCon conference.

Best in Test 2013 Award WinnerAKTAKOM APS-73xxL series of programmable power supplies has become the winner in the «Power Supply» category. Such giants of the electronic industry like Keithley Instruments, Agilent Technologies etc. competed to become the winner in this category but the innovative developments of the high-skilled team of AKTAKOM specialists have been highly appreciated and got the deserved international recognition.

Test Product of the YearThe highlight of the competition is the «Test Product of the Year» nomination. In 2013 the title of the Product of the year has was to AKTAKOM APS-73xxL power supply series.

Best in Test Award Test Product of the Year Award

Low-cost AKTAKOM APS-73xxL DC power supplies are designed to supply radio equipment with stabilized voltage or current when operating in debugging process, repair and laboratory research. AKTAKOM APS-73xxL series are programmable power supplies with 3 LED displays. There is a single channel, output regulated voltage of 0…30V, output current of 0…3A (APS-7303L) or 0…5A (APS-7305L), overheat protection, current and voltage stabilization mode.

AKTAKOM APS-73xxL DC power supplies

AKTAKOM APS-73xxL series programmable DC power supplies differ from other similar devices by wide capabilities of local and remote control through AKTAKOM Power Manager software.

Latest innovations from AKTAKOM

Software Aktakom Electronic Load Manager allows users remotely control electronic loads

Innovative Software Aktakom Power Manager used in APS-7xxL series of power supplies that won the Best in Test product of the year award is now available in power supplies Aktakom APS-3xxx with 4-wire circuits.

Актаком APS-3xxx power supplies

Second generation of Aktakom Power Manager – Electronic Load Manager is now available for electronic loads. Electronic Load Manager software allows users to remotely control Aktakom AEL-83xxL electronic load via any digital device.

Aktakom AEL-83xxL electronic loads

Software solutions for environmental meters Aktakom Data Logger Monitor

Many of Aktakom environment meters have an option of recording data to SD-card and to transfer it to a PC for the data analyses. Such transfer of data is "plug-and-play" and does not offer any software.

Recording data to SD-card

The latest innovation from Aktakom significantly increases functionality of such devises by establishing a direct communication with PC and transferring large amounts of data from a hub of several devices into one table. Such innovation creates a complete laboratory data table that could be saved, copied and studied in real time.

Currently there are two versions Aktakom Data Logger Monitor software available. OS Windows and OS Android.

Software ADLM-W is designed for personal computers and is compatible with Windows XP x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows 8 x64 and Windows Vista.

Aktakom Data Logger Monitor software for Windows

Software ADLM-A is designed for Android tablets using Android 4.0 and above.

Aktakom Data Logger Monitor software for Android

Both versions of ADLM are designed to work with AKTAKOM ATT-xxxx and ATE-xxxx series environment meters and to transfer data from device to PC for data logging, monitoring and analyses in real time.

AKTAKOM motto is "Everything you need for your laboratory and even more!"