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New Item: Aktakom Utility Bag
22.11.2023 | 281
Aktakom latest product is a Versatile Utility Bag, use it for tools, accessories and documents. Strong waterproof material, heavy duty zipper, flexible compartments.

Black Friday Special From Our Distributor T&M Atlantic
16.11.2023 | 641
Black Friday Special: ASE-4313 Universal Soldering Station + Free APS-1015 Switching DC Power Supply. This deal comes once a year! T&M Atlantic Black Friday special starts today!

New Video Release: APS-7306 Connecting the Power Supply
23.10.2023 | 841
T&M Atlantic today released new tutorial that shows practical application of power supply connection. This is the second in the APS-7306 tutorial series that teach proper use of the device and its software.

APS-7306 Video Tutorial
10.10.2023 | 1150

Aktakom products tutorials continue with new video for APS-7306. The video shows practical application of device control panel and PC software, as well as highlights many features available in this advanced power supply. You can watch this tutorial in the video section of the APS-7306 page or on .

New software AKTAKOM COM-Terminal is now available for download
13.09.2023 | 1317
The Aktakom Com-Terminal program uses COM port to facilitate two-way data exchange with external devices. Aktakom Com-Terminal uses two data formats - text (TXT) and hexadecimal (HEX).

Subscription Services to News and Deals are now available on T&M Atlantic
06.09.2023 | 2526
T&M Atlantic is now offering subscription services to our most popular sections of the website. You can choose to subscribe to: Company News, Industry News and Events, T&M Atlantic Deals-Special Offers. You can subscribe to any of this categories but we recommend to choose them all.

Labor Day Special ASE-4509 is on Sale on
01.09.2023 | 2237
AKTAKOM ASE-4509 SMD Rework station is used in the field of electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and reworking on the electronic appliances and communication equipment. Now on Sale $49.00 $39.00. Sale ends Sept 30 2023.

New Software Aktakom for Power Supplies
29.08.2023 | 1250
Aktakom Power Manager Express software allows users to remotely control their power supply via PC. It features Measure, Set Up and Initialization functions, as well as, automatic switching off of the outputs of the device at the end of the program. The program follows basic configurations and some features of operation as the device control panel.

ASE-4313 Soldering Station Is Now On Sale
07.08.2023 | 814
AKTAKOM ASE-4313 Temperature Controlled Soldering and SMD Rework Station is designed for a wide range of repair processes and combines 3 devices in 1: Mounting Soldering Station (60 W, 392 ...896F / 200 ... 480C), Vacuum Desoldering Station (90 W, 392 ...896F / 200 ... 480C) and Hot Air Gun (1000 W, 212...932F /100 ... 500C, 120 l/min). On Sale now at was $599.00 now $549.00. Sale ends October 30 2023.

AKTAKOM Software updated with new versions available for download
10.07.2023 | 1117
AKTAKOM Software has been updated the latest versions programs for Power Supplies, Multimeters, Electronic Loads, Environmental Meters, Oscilloscopes and a lot more. Many programs come with "pro" and "light" versions. Many available to download for free. Software downloads are available on