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APS-5333 Programmable DC Power Supply

3-channel programmable DC power supply. Rated Output Voltage: 0~30V x2; 0~5V x1. Rated Output Current: 0-3A x3. Output resolution: 1mV/1mA. Outstanding line regulation rate:≤0.01%+2mV (voltage), ≤0.01%+1mA (current). Ripples noise:<300 μVrms/2mVp. Four operating mode: independent, parallel connection, series connection, plus-minus. 3.9" (480*320 pixels) TFT LCD display. Interface: USB 2.0, RS-232.

AKTAKOM APS-5333 is a high-performance programmable linear DC power supply. The excellent features of this power supply include up to 100 output groups with configurable timer, high-resolution LCD display, extremely clean ripple and noise, comprehensive over-voltage over-current over-temperature protection, user friendly interface and panel layout, and variety standard interfaces to meet diverse test requirements.


  • Dual independent outputs with Separate controls and one fix output supplies up to 195W total power
  • Two controllable channels with switch for operation conveniency
  • Highest output resolution: 1mV/1mA
  • Insulation between three output channels effectively reduce the interference
  • Outstanding line regulation rate:≤0.01%+2mV (voltage), ≤0.01%+1mA (current)
  • low ripples noise:<300 μVrms/2mVpp
  • Four operating mode: independent, parallel connection, series connection, plus-minus
  • Over-voltage over-current protection: the parameters of over-voltage and over-current are configurable to enhance the load protection
  • Up to 100 groups timers and predefine or unlimited output loop to generate arbitrary waveforms
  • Up to 30 groups preset system configurations
  • Auto-cooling system
  • 3.9 inch high resolution (480*320 pixels) TFT LCD display
  • Multiple Interface: USB 2.0 RS-232


ChannelChannel 1/Channel 2Fixed 5V
DC Output RatingsVoltageIndependent/Parallel0∼30V5V
Line RegulationCV≤0.01% + 3mV≤3mV
CC≤0.1% + 3mA 
Load RegulationCV≤0.01% + 3mV≤0.1%+3mV
CC≤0.2% + 3mA 
Noise and Ripple
CV≤300μVrms / 2mVpp≤300μVrms / 2mVpp
Settings ResolutionVoltage1mVNone
Settings Accuracy
Voltage≤0.05% + 1mVNone
Current≤0.1% + 1mANone
Read Back
Voltage1mV (<10V) 10mV (≥10V)None
Read Back Accuracy
Voltage≤0.05% + 1mV(<10V) ≤0.05% + 10mV(≥10V)None
Current≤0.1% + 1mANone
  • Display Type: 3.9 inch colored LCD
  • Display Resolution: 480 (Horizontal) × 320 (Vertical) Pixels
  • Display Colors: 65536 colors, TFT screen
  • Dimensions: 19x9x13in / 480x230x330mm
  • Weight:13.8lb / 6.2kg


  • Power Cord

  • CD-ROM

  • USB data cable

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