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Lead-free soldering station Aktakom ASE-1203

Lead-free soldering station Aktakom ASE-1203


Dual-channel inductive soldering station Aktakom ASE-1203 meets the requirements for lead-free soldering and it is guaranteed suitable for high-quality traditional soldering. ASE-1203 provides ultra-fast heating of the soldering iron tip with an alternating magnetic field.

Additionally one of the features of this very model is an incredibly high-temperature recovery rate: when the soldering iron tip touches the PCB the temperature drops down, the material's magnetic functions get instantly restored and the tip starts consuming energy from the magnetic field trying to keep the temperature at the Curie point.

Another advantage of the Aktakom ASE-1203 inductive soldering station is the prevention of heat losses since the tip itself is heated rather than the heating element as in traditional soldering stations with a ceramic heater.

Features of ASE-1203:

  • Possibility to use 2 soldering irons separately
  • Temperature sensor is located close to the soldering tip (temperature support precision)
  • Quick recovery of temperature mode
  • Hold mode of tip temperature to better the soldering quality
  • LCD to display the temperature
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Energy saving mode

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