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APS-1303 DC Power Supply

Single channel DC power supply. Rated Output Voltage: 0~30V (Adjustable). Rated Output Current: 0~3A (Adjustable). Rated Output Power: 90W. Voltage/Current Accuracy: ±0.5%rdg+2digits. Two LED displays with resolution: 0.1V (Voltage) / 0.01A (Current). Ripple And Noise: ≤3mVrms. Load Stability (<3A): ≤0.1%+5mV. Dimensions: 260x150x160mm/9.8x5.9x6.3in

The AKTAKOM APS-1303 is a highly reliable constant voltage DC power supply. This kind of power supply has some features such as current limited lower voltage protection, short circuit protection etc. It can be widely used in factory production line.


  • Light and Compact Design
  • 0.01% High Regulation
  • Two LED displays
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Overload and Reverse Polarity protection
  • Current Limited Lower Voltage and Short Circuit Protection
  • Powerful Strong Fan and Over Temperature Protection
  • Ideal for Educational Laboratories. Safe for use
  • Nominal Voltage 110V


  • Channels: Single Channel
  • Rated Output Voltage: 0~30V (Adjustable)
  • Rated Output Current: 0~3A (Adjustable)
  • Rated Output Power: 90W
  • Voltage/Current Accuracy: ±0.5%rdg+2digits
  • Display resolution: 0.1V (Voltage) / 0.01A (Current)
  • Ripple And Noise: ≤3mVrms
  • Load Stability (<3A): ≤0.1%+5 mV
  • Dimensions: 260x150x160mm/9.8x5.9x6.3in


  • Power Cord

  • User Manual

Operation instructions

  1. Ensure that the power plug of this unit is connected to a 110V AC power outlet before using, switch the power ON, and adjust the (8)~(9) knobs to set the voltage to the desired value, and then plug your output cords into the output terminals (10)~(11), now the current meter (1) will show the current value.
  2. The limiting value of the output current is 3A or 5A depending upon the model, you must disconnect the power immediately when the over load indicator (6) is on.
  3. Setting of current limiting.
    - Use a short-circuit wire to short the current terminals (+) to (-).
    - Adjust the current knob untill the CC indicator is on.
    - Adjust the current knob to the desired value (4) & (5).
    - Take off the short circuit wire.
(1) Current meter: displays output current value
(2) Voltage meter: displays output voltage value
(3) Power switch: control the power
(4) Output current fine knob
(5) Output current course knob
(6) Constant current mode indicator
(7) Constant voltage mode indicator
(8) Output voltage coarse knob
(9) Output voltage fine knob
(10) Power output “-” terminal
(11) Output “+” terminal
(12) Ground (Earth terminal)

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