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Handheld Digital Multimeters

AMM-4189 Digital Multimeter & Oscilloscope
AMM-4189 Digital Multimeter & Oscilloscope
Digital Multimeter & Oscilloscope. Oscilloscope function: 3.5" color LCD; 320x240 pixels, Bandwidth: 10MHz, Real time sample rate: 50MSa/s, Risetime: 17.5ns, Channels: 1, Vertical Sensitivity: 50mV/div to 100V/div, Vertical Resolution: 8 bits, Trigger Mode: Free Run, falling edge, rising edge; Trigger Source: Internal; Trigger Coupling: AC/DC, Max Input Voltage: 400V (peak), Cursor Measurement, Voltage and time/Frequency. Multimeter Functions: Max DC/AC Voltage: 1000V, Max DC/AC Current: 10A, Temperature: -200°C to 1350°C, Max Resistance: 50MΩ, Max Capacitance: 10mF, Max Frequency: 10MHz, Diode and Continuity Test. Bluetooth PC Interface. True RMS.
AMM-7702 Wireless Digital Multimeter
AMM-7702 Wireless Digital Multimeter
AKTAKOM AMM-7702 is a wireless digital multimeter and one of the devices of the new series "Wireless Mobile Test Lab Aktakom".

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