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Distinctive features of AKTAKOM APS-5333 comparing to other power supplies of the same class

Distinctive features of AKTAKOM APS-5333 comparing to other power supplies of the same class


AKTAKOM APS-5333 is a high-performance linear DC remote controlled programmable power supply. The excellent features of this DC power supply include up to 100 output groups with configurable timer, high-resolution LCD display, extremely clean ripple and noise, comprehensive over-voltage over-current over-temperature protection. AKTAKOM APS-5333 DC remote controlled programmable power supply offers user friendly interface and panel layout, and variety standard interfaces to meet diverse test requirements.

There are 3 channels, output regulated voltage of 030 V, output current of 03 A.

Specifications briefly:

Output voltage 0...30 V
Output current 0...3 A
Output voltage display resolution 1 mV
Output current display resolution 1 mA
Output voltage of the fixed channels 5 V
Output current of the fixed channels 3 A
Output voltage accuracy ≤0.05%
Output current accuracy ≤0.1%
Ripple and Noise ≤2 mVrms
CV ≤0.01%
CC ≤0.2%

One of the distinctive features of AKTAKOM APS-5333 power supply is wide programming capabilities ("working by list"). The program can be set both when the device is connected to a PC, and through the keyboard on the front panel of APS-5333. Its possible to program up to 100 groups of output voltage, current and step duration, moreover you may program both offline channel modes and different connection schemes parallel, serial or connection to a "common" point.

Among other features of APS-5333 the ability to disconnect the load, save current data and settings to USB flash drive, load and restore settings from USB flash drive. The ability to connect to a computer and external devices via USB-host, USB-device, COM interfaces.

More details can be checked on page of AKTAKOM APS-5333

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