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Aktakom ATK-2200 clamp meter for power factor measurement

Aktakom ATK-2200  clamp meter for power factor measurement


As we know in AC network there are different types of loads: active and reactive (capacitive and inductive). Load type identification is reached with power factor measurement.

When measuring the power factor the device simultaneously measures the changing of voltage and current values for a short period of time and judging from the value difference it identifies the phase difference between these values.

All-purpose and reliable Aktakom ATK-2200 digital power clamp allows user to measure current and voltage strength as well as the value of active, reactive and full power in three-phase circuit of three- or four wires, balanced termination three-phase circuit, one-phase circuit of two- or three wires. These features make this power clamp perfect for electrical technician or power engineering specialist.

Technical specifications of Aktakom ATK-2200:

  • DC voltage measurement at 0.1...800 V range with 1.5% inaccuracy
  • AC voltage measurement at 0.1...600 V range with 1.5% inaccuracy
  • AC/DC measurement at 0.1...2000 A range with 1.5% inaccuracy
  • Power measurement (1, 3 phases) 0.1...1200 kW with 2% inaccuracy
  • Power measurement (3 phases, symmetrical load) 0.01...2000 kW with 2% inaccuracy
  • Frequency measurement at 10...400 Hz range with 0.5% inaccuracy
  • 3½ digit two-line LCD
  • Power factor measurement
  • Simultaneous indication of values: voltage-frequency, current-frequency, voltage-current, power-power factor, active-reactive power
  • Auto selection of measurement limit
  • Data hold
  • AC/DC Auto Detection
  • Memory of 4 records
  • Max. diameter of the wire being gripped: 2.2 in / 55 mm
  • Frequency range when measuring alternating current and voltage: 40400 Hz.
  • Power: 9V
  • Current consumption: 25 mA

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